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Selling a Home in Canada

Today home selling has become a very complex business than it used to be in past and the whole home selling process has changed. Involving real estate professionals has become very common in the world due to lower financial risks along with saving time and avoiding troubles rising from unprofessional approach to the business.

Getting Ready

It's better to think over your selling process well before you put it for sale. The property should be observed in various aspects. Observe your property as if you were about to buy it. Use an MLS.Canada to study prices and description of a similar property. That will help you to understand what work is to be done about the house in order to prepare it for sale. Having done that, you are more likely to attract potential buyers to your property. But do not spend a lot of money on repairing and tossing out. You'd better not try to remodel your property, as this is time and money consuming. Work on the interior of the house prior to the outside of it.

Improving Your Property Value

The value of your home depends greatly on the local community home values. Many factors affect the potential property price - location, neighbourhood, infrastructure etc. You have to improve your property according to the local community preferences. Do not involve capital investments in improving your property. Your improvement costs should be recovered from the sale to the maximum. Make your house look good taking to cosmetic improvements. A good looking property is an invariable prerequisite of getting a top price.

Choose your realtor

It's advisable to negotiate with several realtors in your area. This will help you to choose the one, who would best meet your expectations. You have to be ready to ask questions that will help you to learn about the services and specialization of the agent, his local and general real estate experience, general and local trends in the real estate market, your home value, what efforts will be made by the agent in order to sell your property, broker's commissions, and disclosure conditions. After negotiating and choosing your right agent you will have to sign a listing agreement. Your property will be available for sale after you have the agreement signed.

Appraising your property

Appraising the property is one of the most important stages in selling, as it defines the potential selling price. The price you expect to get from your property can vary from its actual market price, however, your price preferences can affect the time necessary for listing and marketing your property.

Finding your next home

The majority of sellers plan to buy another property after the sale. That's why it's important to start looking for a new place to live in advance. The buying procedure is to be planned the way you plan the sale. This planning will secure you from finding yourself 'homeless' for a while, when your property is sold and about to be occupied, and you haven't managed to find another place to live. Therefore, start with projecting your household relocation.

Marketing your property

Real estate agents give their assistance in the following aspects of home selling.

  • Assistance in preparing your property for sale
  • Valuation
  • Marketing the property
  • Management and negotiation
  • Closing the procedure

The property exposed might not be sold right away. It's necessary, therefore, to be patient and pertinent. Do not rush to pull it off the market. It's better to find good reasons why your property doesn't sell right. There may be several reasons for your house to be stuck: unpopular location, inappropriate conditions and inadequate asking price. Of course, you can't move your house, but you can make the condition and the price fit the existing demands.

Managing the offer

The key idea to follow here is to keep your goal in focus at all times. Whenever you receive an offer, you can accept it, reject the offer or make a counteroffer. Get your real estate specialist's assistance to review all offers and determine whether the offer is acceptable or not.


The selling process is not through even when the sale agreement has been signed. There are still a lot of complicated tasks to come, as the agreement is not only to designate the price but to comply with all the terms and conditions.

A lot depends actually on mortgage rates that have a tendency to change from time to time. There are cases when the closing time exceeds several months and mortgage rates manage to lift. In such a situation some of the buyers can no longer afford to buy the chosen property, and it leads to failure of the entire deal.

All the considerations take around 40 days after the sale agreement has been signed. Any work about the property must be completed before closing. The closing agent will handle both the settlement papers and related documents.


When the processes of final settlements and closing about the property are over and you've already managed to find another place to move in, it would be better to look for a professional mover providing the complete set of moving services.

Make sure the mover is properly insured. This is very important for your mover to have a workman's compensation. If they don't have coverage (however, it's required in most places) and a worker gets hurt on your property, you can be liable for his injuries.