MLS Canada

Renting a Home in Canada

You can use MLS.Canada to find a property to rent. Once you have narrowed your choices for a rental property, consider the following list of questions as you thoroughly inspect each potential unit. This pre-renting inspection checklist can be used to compare the quality of your choices.

  • How much is rent?
  • Is there a late charge for paying your rent after the due date?
  • Can the rent be increased at any time during the lease?
  • What is the length or term of the lease? Is it negotiable?
  • How much advance notice must the residents give before the end of the lease
  • If they plan to vacate?
  • What are the requirements for a full refund of your security deposit?
  • Is subleasing allowed? Under what conditions?
  • Who pays for water, sewage and garbage?
  • Who is called for emergencies or repairs?
  • Is there a list of rules and regulations for residents of the property?
  • Is there a non-refundable cleaning fee or other charges? How much is it?
  • Are there limits on the number of occupants in the apartment?
  • Are pets allowed? Is there a pet deposit and is it refundable?
  • Be sure to obtain a copy of the lease
  • Security
  • Does the building or unit have a security system?
  • Is there a working smoke alarm?
  • Does the apartment have adequate outdoor lighting?
  • What happens if a key is lost?
  • Is there a peephole installed?


  • Is the refrigerator clean and in working condition?
  • Is the heating system gas or electric? Is it in proper working order?
  • If the apartment is carpeted, is it clean and in good condition?
  • Do all of the fixtures, i.e. faucets, toilet, drains and drain stoppers in the bathroom work?
  • Are there enough windows in the apartment? Do they lock?
  • Is there a doorbell? If so, does it work?


  • Is there ample study room for all occupants in the apartment?
  • Is there sufficient closet space in the apartment?
  • Is there a private yard? If so, who maintains it?
  • Is the apartment air conditioned? Who will be responsible for replacing the filter?
  • Are ceiling fans provided? If not, are they allowed?
  • Will all of your furniture fit in the apartment?
  • Does the complex have private recreational facilities?
  • How far are grocery and convenience stores from the apartment?